486 book exchange

Book Exchange Has Permanently Closed

The community book exchange held its last exchange on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. The book exchange was originally organized from the Good Neighbors group, but eventually was run completely by Catherine Rendahl. Rendahl began hosting the exchange on her front porch starting in June of 2015.  Eventually she had so many books that she decided […]

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486 WPPOA illegal

(Almost) Everything Illegal About the Park Transfer

The City of Sandy Oaks has finally accepted the offer of the park land from Jim Clement, who claims to be the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association president.  But everything about the deal reeks of illegalities. Jim Clement Accepted the Land Illegally The park originally belonged to the Waterwood Development Company.  The company wanted out […]

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486 trash

Citizens Skipped in First Bulk Pickup

Tiger Sanitation held its first city wide bulk trash pickup on March 19, 2016.  The collection skipped over a large portion of the city, leaving heaps of trash all along city streets. Quarterly bulk pickup was part of the contract Tiger Sanitation offered the city in the fall of 2015 when the City Council accepted […]

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486 patriots

Tired of Complainers?

At the March 10, 2016 City Council meeting the Council went into a closed session and forced audience members out of the cafeteria room where the meeting was being held.  While outside the building, people chatted about various topics to pass the time.  Included among them was Pedro Orduno, the Chairman of the Committee to […]

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486 WPPOA illegal

City Accepts Illegal WPPOA Offer

On March 10, 2016 the City Council accepted the assets offered by the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association.  The assets include the land owned by the WPPOA. The Council then went into a close session, forcing everyone in the audience out of the room.  However, the Council did allow certain people to enter the closed […]

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486 admit one

City Council Gives Special Access to Closed Meeting

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on March 10, 2016, the City Council held an executive session, a meeting closed to the public. Mayor Ball stated the purpose of the executive session was to discuss the transfer of assets from the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association and to discuss City Attorney consultation. The Texas […]

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486 Ball Clement

Micki Ball: The Female Jim Clement

The City of Sandy Oaks has a new Mayor, but Micki Ball seems just like the previous Mayor Jim Clement.  The similarities between the two are striking. Both Clement and Ball Work In Secrecy Both of them kept the salary of Art Martinez de Vara, the City Attorney, private for half a year.  As a […]

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486 absurd ordinances

Absurd Ordinances

The Sandy Oaks City Council is now in its second year.  The idea of being a city and having a city government was that city government could offer more than what the county government was doing and could do a better job addressing basic governmental services like road repair, law enforcement, fire protection, and animal. […]

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486 horse killed

Horse Killed at Entrance to Waterwood

Early in the evening on February 16, 2016 a horse was killed at the intersection of Waterwood Pass Drive and Silver Chalice. The body of the horse was alongside the road, only a few yards from the stop sign of the northern corner of the intersection. When Sandy Oaks News arrived on the scene at […]

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486 fireworks 2

Tremblay Hears Automatic Weapons, Council Bans Shooting

On February 11, 2016 the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the shooting of firearms. Alderman David Tremblay claimed he hears people shooting firearms often, saying I sit outside my home on my porch and my back yard on the weekend and I hear people firing off automatic weapons…New Years was pretty crazy.  Fourth of July, […]

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486 Grant 2

City Loses $75,000 CDBG Grant

Mayor Micki Ball announced on February 11, 2016 that the City of Sandy Oaks lost a $75,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). According to Mayor Ball, HUD changed the guidelines on how they judge income levels.  She told the City Council that an economic census was mailed out to the community and that not enough […]

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486 Application Incorporation

Incorporation Paperwork Never Mentioned Waterwood

Sandy Oaks News has received copies of the official incorporation paperwork submitted to Bexar County by the Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks (CISO). An open records request was submitted to Bexar County on the behalf of Sandy Oaks News on January 19, 2016.  The request was for all forms, documents, and maps included with the […]

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John Lujan Wins House District 118

On January 26, 2016, John Lujan was elected to Texas House District 118.  He is the first Republican to ever take the seat. House District 118 covers much of South Bexar County and includes Sandy Oaks, Somerset, Elmendorf, St. Hedwig, Selma, Universal City, and part of South-side San Antonio.  Residents in the district number over […]

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486 money complain

Paying Money Gives A Person the Right to Complain

There has been a growing trend with politicians in the community that are trying to guilt trip people into doing more work in the community.  Volunteering is great, but using peer pressure to force people into volunteering is a nasty thing to do. Part of the guilt trip comes from certain Council members whenever they […]

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486 tiger recycling

Tiger Sanitation Delivers Recycling Containers

Recycling pick up is now being offered in the City of Sandy Oaks by Tiger Sanitation. On January 25, 2016 the trash collection company delivered cans intended for recycling to residents who are currently customers. The cans have green lids to distinguish them from Tiger’s cans that are for trash. The service for recycling is […]

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486 lightening

City Council Takes On WPPOA CPS Bills; Violates Texas Law

On January 14, 2016, the Sandy Oaks City Council unanimously decided to take over the CPS energy bills of the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA).  The city will take on the WPPOA’s CPS accounts and will also pay money currently owed to CPS. The City Council claimed that Jim Clement, as WPPOA president, could […]

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486 horses at night

City Council Bans Riding Livestock at Night

On January 14, 2016 the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the riding of livestock at night. The City Council passed an ordinance on animal control on December 15, 2015.  On January 14th the Council decided to make changes to the ordinance. While discussing changes to the ordinance, Alderman David Tremblay said people rode horses with […]

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486 Melisa Matehuala

New City Council Member Without Application or Election

The Sandy Oaks City Council filled a vacancy on the Council on January 14, 2016 at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  The position, Alderman Place 4, originally belonged to Micki Ball until she become the Mayor last November and the position became vacant. At a previous meeting on November 12, 2015, the City Council decided […]

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486 fireworks 3

Fireworks Still Being Sold

For the New Year’s season, fireworks are still being sold by Mr W Fireworks at the corner of Priest and Waterwood Pass Drive inside city limits. The City Council passed an ordinance banning the sale of fireworks on December 15, 2015. Sandy Oaks News attempted to read the ordinance, but the official city website doesn’t […]

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486 Loose Horses

Horses Run Loose in Waterwood

2 horses were found roaming down Waterwood Pass Drive towards the entrance of the neighborhood on December 21, 2015. Both horses were unsaddled and walking at a moderate pace.  After they passed the intersection with Crystal Water, Joe “Jose” Hernandez began chasing after the 2 horses to get them off of the road.  Priscilla Yarbrough […]

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486 Clement WPPOA

Jim Clement Threatens Collection of Maintenance Fee

On December 15, 2015, Jim Clement threatened sending out a maintenance fee to property owners within the Waterwood subdivision. Clement has claimed since as early as Spring 2014 that he is the president of the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA).  Property owners have asked him to show proof of the record that he was […]

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486 fireworks 2

City Council Bans the Sale of Fireworks

On December 15, 2015, the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the sale and storage of fireworks. Before approving the ordinance regarding fireworks, the Council heard a presentation from Julio Martinez, a part owner of the Mr W Fireworks company that operates a fireworks stand at the corner of Waterwood Pass and Priest Road inside the […]

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