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486 book exchange

Book Exchange Has Permanently Closed

The community book exchange held its last exchange on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. The book exchange was originally organized from the Good Neighbors group, but eventually was run completely by Catherine Rendahl. Rendahl began hosting the exchange on her front porch starting in June of 2015.  Eventually she had so many books that she decided […]

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486 horse killed

Horse Killed at Entrance to Waterwood

Early in the evening on February 16, 2016 a horse was killed at the intersection of Waterwood Pass Drive and Silver Chalice. The body of the horse was alongside the road, only a few yards from the stop sign of the northern corner of the intersection. When Sandy Oaks News arrived on the scene at […]

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486 no election

November 2015 Election Cancelled

The City Council has cancelled the election planned for November 3, 2015. The election was for 3 different Alderman positions and a replacement for the position of Mayor. The following 3 Alderman Places were up for reelection: Alderman Place 1: David Tremblay Alderman Place 3: Joel Ortega Alderman Place 5: Earnest D. Gay Related: November […]

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486 control puppet

Who Controls the City Marshal?

A dramatic episode has erupted on social media regarding an invitation to the Sandy Oaks City Marshal, Jesse Gutierrez.  The invitation was sent by Catherine Rendahl, who helped organize the Good Neighbors group, and invited Gutierrez to come speak to the group. The people upset about the invitation include Gutierrez’ wife Heather Leal, Alderman Micki […]

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486 neighbors

New Community Group Forming

A meeting was held on May 6, 2015 at the WPPOA clubhouse for the purpose of starting a new community centered organization inside Sandy Oaks. The event was organized by BJ Gillespie and Catherine Rendahl.  The 2 obtained access to the WPPOA clubhouse from Jim Clement, who claims to be the WPPOA president and has […]

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