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486 absurd ordinances

Absurd Ordinances

The Sandy Oaks City Council is now in its second year.  The idea of being a city and having a city government was that city government could offer more than what the county government was doing and could do a better job addressing basic governmental services like road repair, law enforcement, fire protection, and animal. […]

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486 horses at night

City Council Bans Riding Livestock at Night

On January 14, 2016 the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the riding of livestock at night. The City Council passed an ordinance on animal control on December 15, 2015.  On January 14th the Council decided to make changes to the ordinance. While discussing changes to the ordinance, Alderman David Tremblay said people rode horses with […]

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486 Loose Horses

Horses Run Loose in Waterwood

2 horses were found roaming down Waterwood Pass Drive towards the entrance of the neighborhood on December 21, 2015. Both horses were unsaddled and walking at a moderate pace.  After they passed the intersection with Crystal Water, Joe “Jose” Hernandez began chasing after the 2 horses to get them off of the road.  Priscilla Yarbrough […]

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