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Marshal Tiffany Aguillen

Hired Von Ormy Marshal Silences Residents

  The first two city council meetings of the City of Sandy Oaks were policed by a law enforcement officer from Von Ormy, Texas named Tiffany Aguillen. In the first meeting on August 16, 2014, Aguillen made her authority known when she threatened to arrest Cathleen Recio, who recently lost the election for an alderman […]

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Results of Small Town Politics

The very first City Council of Sandy Oaks, Texas was elected August 9, 2014. 2014 Candidates Political games started the same month that Sandy Oaks incorporated.  The Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks had said at a public meeting before incorporation that they would announce the deadline for application for people to run for city office.  […]

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3rd Candidates Meeting, SOPAC Still Doesn’t Attend

On July 22, 2014, candidates running for City Council met for a 3rd and final time before the election.  The event was hosted by Catherine Rendahl and her husband Don who rented the Waterwood clubhouse and set up tables and chairs for people. “Air Conditioning!” said Rendahl.  “It should keep people calmer than last time.” […]

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Candidates Host 2nd Meeting, SOPAC Does Not Attend

People are now starting to call them the “Outsiders” because Micki Ball, Cathleen Recio, and David Tremblay are the only candidates outside of the Sandy Oaks Political Action Committee (SOPAC).   On July 14, 2014, the three organized a 2nd meeting for the community for people to meet those running for city offices. The divide between […]

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Meet the Candidates Meeting

On July 8, 2014, a “Meet the Candidates” meeting was held in the Waterwood clubhouse.  The event was organized by Jim Clement, the only candidate running for mayor.  23 people were present, including all the candidates running for alderman positions except for David Tremblay. Inside the clubhouse, chairs were arranged in a wide oval allowing […]

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Cathleen Lamoureaux-Recio 2014 Platform

The following  was submitted by Mrs. Cathleen Lamoureaux-Recio July 16th, 2014 Picture: Platform: Platform: community initiative neighbor helping neighbor with a supportive city counsel and without causing further financial burden on the already economically stressed homeowner. What specifically would you like to accomplish in the first year? 2) I/we would like to try to clean […]

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