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486 Application Incorporation

Incorporation Paperwork Never Mentioned Waterwood

Sandy Oaks News has received copies of the official incorporation paperwork submitted to Bexar County by the Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks (CISO). An open records request was submitted to Bexar County on the behalf of Sandy Oaks News on January 19, 2016.  The request was for all forms, documents, and maps included with the […]

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300 SOPAC protects MDV

SOPAC Protects Art Martinez de Vara

At its April 9, 2015 meeting, the City Council discussed the Mayor’s nomination for City Attorney. At the start of the conversation, Mayor Jim Clement pointed out, for the first time in the meeting, that because Alderman Joel Ortega was absent there might be a tie on a vote and that he would be the […]

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486 trifecta of corruption

Trifecta of Corruption

A trifecta is a series of 3 ultimate achievements that are related to one another.  For example, if a horse wins 3 different championships then that would constitute a trifecta because each singular event was difficult and nearly impossible.  The fact the horse could win just 1 event is impressive, but a trifecta takes the […]

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486 fireworks 2

No Fireworks Over Fireworks

Mayor Jim Clement has been ignoring the issue of fireworks now for 4 months. In November of 2014, Aldermen David Tremblay and Micki Ball had an agenda item about adopting a required permit for the sell of fireworks.  City Attorney Art Martinez de Vara told them the permit wouldn’t be enforceable because the city didn’t […]

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300 Martinez de Vara money

Art Martinez de Vara Announces His Pay

On March 14, 2015, City Attorney Art Martinez de Vara announced what the City of Sandy Oaks was paying him as City Attorney. Martinez de Vara was hired as the City Attorney back in August of 2014, but his pay had never been released to the public. Because payment comes from public funds, the Texas […]

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300 Martinez de Vara money

City Council Gives Road Money to Attorney

On March 14, 2015, the Sandy Oaks City Council used money intended for roads to pay off city debt. The debt included approximately $8,140 to Bexar County Elections Division, $1,100 to the La Prensa newspaper, and nearly $7,000 to Art Martinez de Vara for City Attorney fees. The money being used came from revenue generated […]

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300 Ball Hides Info

Alderman Micki Ball Hides Public Information

On March 7, 2015, Alderman Micki Ball met with citizens at the WPPOA clubhouse in a City Council sponsored meeting. Alderman Ball was directly asked what the City Attorney, Art Martinez de Vara, was being paid.  Her reply was That was discussed in executive session and by law I can’t reveal that. According to Section […]

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300 recording

The Required Need For Recording

Sandy Oaks News began taking detailed records and recordings for the community directly after incorporation and before there was even a city government.  The desire to keep solid records came after the Committee to Incorporate promised the community that it would announce the deadline for people to apply for office, but instead kept the deadline […]

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185 bexar sign

Who Owns the Roads?

On February 26, 2014 the City Council met to fix the tax debacle they created when they created an illegal amount of sales taxes.  The issue was that the city could only create up to 1.5% in sales taxes and instead created 1.75%.  The only reason it was 1.75% and not 2% is because someone […]

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300 3 suspects

3 Men Suspected of Tampering with Government Document

We live in a democratic republic, a special form of government that allows citizens to democratically elect representatives to represent.  When these representatives make decisions in government, they do so not just for themselves, but for the people who placed them into office. Secretly changing a decision that a democratically elected group changes i the […]

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185 sales tax woes

City Council’s Sales Tax Woes

The Sandy Oaks City Council held a special meeting on February 26, 2015 to discuss the illegal amount of sales taxes they created last fall. In their first official meeting, the Council created an election for 3 new sales taxes that, if approved, would equal more than the amount allowed by Texas law.  The voters […]

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185 Sandy Oaks Sales Tax 2

City Council Created Illegal Sales Tax

By Texas state law, the maximum sales tax that can be imposed is 8.25%.  Of that, the state collects 6.25% which means that local municipalities and transit authorities can only impose an extra 2% of sales tax. The Sandy Oaks City Council, however, went beyond the legal limit. The Council Wanted The Maximum Above is […]

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486 conflict of interest

City of Sandy Oaks Defines Conflict of Interest

The term “Conflict of Interest” is heard often when describing what has been happening in the City of Sandy Oaks since incorporation. A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person (or organization) is involved with more than one set of interests and where one of those interests can negatively affect the person’s […]

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185 cash

Sandy Oaks Mayor Wants To Spend $36,000 On Art

Sandy Oaks Mayor Jim Clement stood outside Freedom Elementary School on election day November 4, 2014, greeting soon to be voters.  Bellow is the 2nd part of a 4 part conversation with the mayor. Mayor Clement admitted that he was in favor of a retroactive property tax on the City of Sandy Oaks.  It would […]

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Marshal Tiffany Aguillen

Hired Von Ormy Marshal Silences Residents

  The first two city council meetings of the City of Sandy Oaks were policed by a law enforcement officer from Von Ormy, Texas named Tiffany Aguillen. In the first meeting on August 16, 2014, Aguillen made her authority known when she threatened to arrest Cathleen Recio, who recently lost the election for an alderman […]

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185 Art Martinez de Vara

Community Lied to by Art Martinez De Vara’s Newspaper

Starting Monday, July 28th, a newspaper called “The Sandy Oaks Chronicle” was handed out to residents of Waterwood and the City of Sandy Oaks.  On page 4 of the newspaper there is a section titled “OFFICE: BOARD OF ALDERMEN” and the second to last sentence reads: All candidates were invited to participate in this voter’s […]

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185 politics

Results of Small Town Politics

The very first City Council of Sandy Oaks, Texas was elected August 9, 2014. 2014 Candidates Political games started the same month that Sandy Oaks incorporated.  The Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks had said at a public meeting before incorporation that they would announce the deadline for application for people to run for city office.  […]

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185 candidates 1

Meet the Candidates Meeting

On July 8, 2014, a “Meet the Candidates” meeting was held in the Waterwood clubhouse.  The event was organized by Jim Clement, the only candidate running for mayor.  23 people were present, including all the candidates running for alderman positions except for David Tremblay. Inside the clubhouse, chairs were arranged in a wide oval allowing […]

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Dissecting SOPAC’s Proposed Revenue

In the meeting held at the Waterwood Clubhouse on July 8th, many items were discussed.  One of the most important was that of revenue. Now that Waterwood and surrounding areas have incorporated into the City of Sandy Oaks, there needs to be revenue to pay for what the city needs.  The entire point of having […]

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