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486 WPPOA illegal

(Almost) Everything Illegal About the Park Transfer

The City of Sandy Oaks has finally accepted the offer of the park land from Jim Clement, who claims to be the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association president.  But everything about the deal reeks of illegalities. Jim Clement Accepted the Land Illegally The park originally belonged to the Waterwood Development Company.  The company wanted out […]

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486 patriots

Tired of Complainers?

At the March 10, 2016 City Council meeting the Council went into a closed session and forced audience members out of the cafeteria room where the meeting was being held.  While outside the building, people chatted about various topics to pass the time.  Included among them was Pedro Orduno, the Chairman of the Committee to […]

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486 Ball Clement

Micki Ball: The Female Jim Clement

The City of Sandy Oaks has a new Mayor, but Micki Ball seems just like the previous Mayor Jim Clement.  The similarities between the two are striking. Both Clement and Ball Work In Secrecy Both of them kept the salary of Art Martinez de Vara, the City Attorney, private for half a year.  As a […]

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486 absurd ordinances

Absurd Ordinances

The Sandy Oaks City Council is now in its second year.  The idea of being a city and having a city government was that city government could offer more than what the county government was doing and could do a better job addressing basic governmental services like road repair, law enforcement, fire protection, and animal. […]

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486 money complain

Paying Money Gives A Person the Right to Complain

There has been a growing trend with politicians in the community that are trying to guilt trip people into doing more work in the community.  Volunteering is great, but using peer pressure to force people into volunteering is a nasty thing to do. Part of the guilt trip comes from certain Council members whenever they […]

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486 history repeat

History Repeats Itself After Ignoring Past Mistakes

History repeated itself in the 2015 general election when 4 City Council positions were filled without there ever being an election and without there ever being a campaign for office.  Candidates didn’t even need to produce political platforms or state what they were running for. Alderman Places 1, 3, and 5 were up for reelection, […]

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486 house fire

Marshal’s Wife Suggests Burning Down Houses

On October 8, 2015, the City Council discussed how to address properties within the city that have overgrown weeds, disabled vehicles, and “other unsightly or dangerous properties.”  Alderman Earnest Gay, who had placed the item on the meeting agenda, said I’m sure everybody out there has somebody that you, within a stone’s throw, that you, […]

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486 control puppet

Who Controls the City Marshal?

A dramatic episode has erupted on social media regarding an invitation to the Sandy Oaks City Marshal, Jesse Gutierrez.  The invitation was sent by Catherine Rendahl, who helped organize the Good Neighbors group, and invited Gutierrez to come speak to the group. The people upset about the invitation include Gutierrez’ wife Heather Leal, Alderman Micki […]

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486 pool

The Mess We’re In

The current state of the Waterwood community is worse than it was a little over a year ago when the area incorporated into a city. Before incorporation, Bexar County and Waterwood Development Company were taking care of the roads.  It’s true they weren’t doing the best job in the world, and that the roads often […]

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486 money trash

Ball Wants Property Tax to Cover Trash Collection

Alderman Micki Ball stated on July 9, 2015 that city wide trash collection should be paid for with property taxes. She said trash collection would be one of the “services provided through property tax.” The idea didn’t sit well with Aldermen and audience members alike.  One woman in the audience loudly responded “I don’t think […]

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486 paperwork

Paperwork Pride

The success of the City of Sandy Oaks is going to ride on the success of the city government.  That government will need to be diligent in many things to accomplish what it needs to and one of those is paper work. Sometimes there will be typos with a document that aren’t going to be […]

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486 trifecta of corruption

Trifecta of Corruption

A trifecta is a series of 3 ultimate achievements that are related to one another.  For example, if a horse wins 3 different championships then that would constitute a trifecta because each singular event was difficult and nearly impossible.  The fact the horse could win just 1 event is impressive, but a trifecta takes the […]

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486 fireworks 2

No Fireworks Over Fireworks

Mayor Jim Clement has been ignoring the issue of fireworks now for 4 months. In November of 2014, Aldermen David Tremblay and Micki Ball had an agenda item about adopting a required permit for the sell of fireworks.  City Attorney Art Martinez de Vara told them the permit wouldn’t be enforceable because the city didn’t […]

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300 recording

The Required Need For Recording

Sandy Oaks News began taking detailed records and recordings for the community directly after incorporation and before there was even a city government.  The desire to keep solid records came after the Committee to Incorporate promised the community that it would announce the deadline for people to apply for office, but instead kept the deadline […]

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185 bexar sign

Who Owns the Roads?

On February 26, 2014 the City Council met to fix the tax debacle they created when they created an illegal amount of sales taxes.  The issue was that the city could only create up to 1.5% in sales taxes and instead created 1.75%.  The only reason it was 1.75% and not 2% is because someone […]

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300 3 suspects

3 Men Suspected of Tampering with Government Document

We live in a democratic republic, a special form of government that allows citizens to democratically elect representatives to represent.  When these representatives make decisions in government, they do so not just for themselves, but for the people who placed them into office. Secretly changing a decision that a democratically elected group changes i the […]

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300 bright idea

Keep The $180

People should at least consider the keeping of the $180 POA maintenance fee/assessment fee.  I know this is an unpopular point of view, but please consider some reasons why: The Fee Now Goes to The WPPOA The primary argument people use against the Fee is that it has never gone into the community and has […]

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Micki 185

Alderman Micki Ball Drops The Ball

Alderman Micki Ball has been one of the more proactive members of the Sandy Oaks City Council.  She is the only one of the 6 who pushed for the creation of, and took charge of,  the only committee to address problems.  She’s also one of the few who shows up to meetings prepared and is […]

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486 conflict of interest

City of Sandy Oaks Defines Conflict of Interest

The term “Conflict of Interest” is heard often when describing what has been happening in the City of Sandy Oaks since incorporation. A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person (or organization) is involved with more than one set of interests and where one of those interests can negatively affect the person’s […]

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185 fool 2

Pedro Orduno: Official Town Fool of Sandy Oaks

This opinion piece must be prefaced with the fact that it is not about an arbitrary person for the sake of cruelty.  This article is about a man who tampered with the lives of 4,000 people, lied to them, marginalized them, and mislead them. As the Chairman of the Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks, Pedro […]

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