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The goal of Sandy Oaks News is to be a source of information for the community.  But that doesn’t mean that only SON needs to give information.

The Forum section of the website is open for people to post whatever they would like.  But if you are wanting to add a little more and would like to write an Op-ed, you are certainly welcome to.

What Is An Op-ed?

An Op-ed is an article published by a news source that has been written by a non staff writer.

As in… anyone in the community may write up an article and ask to have it published.


  • Length: Your article must be at least a page long, or at least 5 solid paragraphs
  • Goal: The article should have at least one clear topic and flow smoothly through points about that same topic
  • Clarity: The article should by easy to understand for the average reader
  • Edited:  *YOU* should edit your own work, fix spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Although Sandy Oaks News would love to have more content and hear from you, it will be difficult to publish your content if it does not meet the above standards.  No one wants to read a poorly written article.

Topics and articles chosen for publication are up to the discretion of Sandy Oaks News.

Where To Send

Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Legal Stuff

By sending content to you give permission to publish or use that content both now and in the future.  For more information please consult the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.