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300 Martinez de Vara money

City Council Gives Road Money to Attorney

On March 14, 2015, the Sandy Oaks City Council used money intended for roads to pay off city debt. The debt included approximately $8,140 to Bexar County Elections Division, $1,100 to the La Prensa newspaper, and nearly $7,000 to Art Martinez de Vara for City Attorney fees. The money being used came from revenue generated […]

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Who Owns the Roads?

On February 26, 2014 the City Council met to fix the tax debacle they created when they created an illegal amount of sales taxes.  The issue was that the city could only create up to 1.5% in sales taxes and instead created 1.75%.  The only reason it was 1.75% and not 2% is because someone […]

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185 Sandy Oaks Debt

City of Sandy Oaks Already In Debt

The City of Sandy Oaks, Texas, is less than a year old and has only had a city government for less than half a year, but the city is already in debt and won’t say how much. Before the election in August 2014 for the first City Council, many of the candidates stated they wanted […]

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