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(Almost) Everything Illegal About the Park Transfer

The City of Sandy Oaks has finally accepted the offer of the park land from Jim Clement, who claims to be the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association president.  But everything about the deal reeks of illegalities. Jim Clement Accepted the Land Illegally The park originally belonged to the Waterwood Development Company.  The company wanted out […]

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Tired of Complainers?

At the March 10, 2016 City Council meeting the Council went into a closed session and forced audience members out of the cafeteria room where the meeting was being held.  While outside the building, people chatted about various topics to pass the time.  Included among them was Pedro Orduno, the Chairman of the Committee to […]

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486 WPPOA illegal

City Accepts Illegal WPPOA Offer

On March 10, 2016 the City Council accepted the assets offered by the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association.  The assets include the land owned by the WPPOA. The Council then went into a close session, forcing everyone in the audience out of the room.  However, the Council did allow certain people to enter the closed […]

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City Council Takes On WPPOA CPS Bills; Violates Texas Law

On January 14, 2016, the Sandy Oaks City Council unanimously decided to take over the CPS energy bills of the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA).  The city will take on the WPPOA’s CPS accounts and will also pay money currently owed to CPS. The City Council claimed that Jim Clement, as WPPOA president, could […]

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Jim Clement Threatens Collection of Maintenance Fee

On December 15, 2015, Jim Clement threatened sending out a maintenance fee to property owners within the Waterwood subdivision. Clement has claimed since as early as Spring 2014 that he is the president of the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA).  Property owners have asked him to show proof of the record that he was […]

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The Mess We’re In

The current state of the Waterwood community is worse than it was a little over a year ago when the area incorporated into a city. Before incorporation, Bexar County and Waterwood Development Company were taking care of the roads.  It’s true they weren’t doing the best job in the world, and that the roads often […]

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486 agreement

City Council Accepts Contract With WPPOA

On April 9, 2015, the Sandy Oaks City Council accepted an agreement with the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association for use of the WPPOA clubhouse for City Council meetings. The city has never had an approved contract with either the WPPOA or with Waterwood Development Corporation for use of the park or clubhouse.  Instead, the […]

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486 trifecta of corruption

Trifecta of Corruption

A trifecta is a series of 3 ultimate achievements that are related to one another.  For example, if a horse wins 3 different championships then that would constitute a trifecta because each singular event was difficult and nearly impossible.  The fact the horse could win just 1 event is impressive, but a trifecta takes the […]

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185 records

WPPOA Ignores Open Records Request

A home owner in Waterwood sent the Waterwood Park Propert Owner’s Association an official request to view POA records on March 4, 2014.  She sent the request individually to Pedro Orduno, Jim Clement, and Charlotte Rabe by certified mail. Each WPPOA board member had to sign to receive the letter, which provided a date in […]

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Waterwood Residents Receive Postcard

Residents in Waterwood started receiving postcards in mid March from Jim Clement, who claims to be the president of the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA). The postcard has a paragraph on the front that Clement wrote explaining that he is the president of the WPPOA and also the Mayor of the City of Sandy […]

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Who Owns the Roads?

On February 26, 2014 the City Council met to fix the tax debacle they created when they created an illegal amount of sales taxes.  The issue was that the city could only create up to 1.5% in sales taxes and instead created 1.75%.  The only reason it was 1.75% and not 2% is because someone […]

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Keep The $180

People should at least consider the keeping of the $180 POA maintenance fee/assessment fee.  I know this is an unpopular point of view, but please consider some reasons why: The Fee Now Goes to The WPPOA The primary argument people use against the Fee is that it has never gone into the community and has […]

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Alderman Micki Ball Drops The Ball

Alderman Micki Ball has been one of the more proactive members of the Sandy Oaks City Council.  She is the only one of the 6 who pushed for the creation of, and took charge of,  the only committee to address problems.  She’s also one of the few who shows up to meetings prepared and is […]

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City of Sandy Oaks Defines Conflict of Interest

The term “Conflict of Interest” is heard often when describing what has been happening in the City of Sandy Oaks since incorporation. A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person (or organization) is involved with more than one set of interests and where one of those interests can negatively affect the person’s […]

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300 POA Vote

WPPOA Meeting Ends Without Vote

On January 15, 2015, the Waterwood Park Property Owner’s Association (WPPOA) held a vote to amend its bylaws.  The vote drew 87 people to the WPPOA clubhouse for a meeting that lasted an hour before ending in angry shouting.  Towards the end of the meeting, paramedics and Bexar County Sheriffs were both called in. The […]

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