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This Is What Is Killing Our Trees

The two most common trees in the area of Sandy Oaks (both the city and the community named Sandy Oaks 3 miles away) are hickories and Black Jack Oaks.  Anyone who has lived in the area for a few years would have noticed that a large number of the oak trees are dying on a […]

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How I Re-plumbed My Entire House In 2 Days

The majority of the houses in and around the City of Sandy Oaks (and the community of Sandy Oaks 3 miles away) are mobile homes.  These homes vary in manufacturing quality, but all older mobile homes have something in common: Polybutylene pipes. Polybutylene Polybutylene is a type of plastic resin.  It was used from the […]

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Craftsman Horsing Around In Waterwood

Inside Waterwood, Dennis Schryver’s side yard serves as the common meeting place for the guys on his block.  Everyone seems welcome, especially if they can offer any news, or even better, an excellent joke.  Imagine the TV show Cheers, except the setting is in the woods, the jokes are cruder (and better), there are always […]

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Sandy Oaks Wildflowers

Plant Your Wildflower Seeds Now

Every spring brings a clash of colors in South Texas as wildflowers pop up all over the place.  If you you want your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood, then now’s the time to plant your seeds.  Planting now ensures enough time for germination, the process in which a plant grows from a […]

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