City Rewards Those Who Violate Deed Restrictions

The people claiming to be in charge in the City of Sandy Oaks have established a habit of wanting things to work “both ways.”  They want all the credit of success and all the power of position, but don’t want the responsibility and work that comes with it.

For example, Jim Clement is upset that people didn’t pay the POA fees in 2015.  At one City Council meeting he blamed all of those people for the park being in such horrible condition including the clubhouse being unusable and the pool turning into a pond filled with frogs and mosquitoes.  He also can’t prove he is the WPPOA president and has refused multiple requests asking to show proof of an election and of other documentation.

The City Council has said repeatedly that the park may be contaminated and that it would be a huge liability risk to take control of the park from the WPPOA.  At the same time, Mayor Micki Ball has encouraged people to roller skate on the park’s mini golf course knowing that neither the city nor the WPPOA has liability insurance in case something happens.

Ball is a big on telling people they need to be more involved with the community.  Here’s a message she sent someone in June of 2015:

Those who cite the sins of the past are using a crutch to support apathy.

As far as what I will do towards any suggestions I’ve put forth? You have NO idea what is involved in being on the council. The mere 2 hours you see in public once a month is a gnat on a ticks ass to the time put into this hobby as Don likes to call it. The point is that everyone needs to be the change they want to see, so if littering is a problem, bring forth a solution, don’t just complain. If animal control is important, then step up and lead an effort. If crime is a worry, join with your neighbors and do something about it. Don’t just be looking for a teat to latch onto.

But Ball actively attacks people who try to get involved.  In August of 2015 she attacked Catherine Rendahl for sending a letter to the City Marshal asking him if he would like to talk to Rendahl’s community group called the Good Neighbors.

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These habits of avoiding responsibility have even been established by the City Council.  At the meeting on February 11, 2016, the City Council discussed deed restrictions and how they dovetailed with city ordinances.  Alderman BJ Gillespie wanted some sort of ordinance that would enforce the original deed restrictions.

But BJ Gillespie and the entire City Council had already rewarded someone earlier in the meeting for violating their deed restrictions.  The Council voted unanimously to pay Chuck’s Garage to maintain the city vehicles that Chucks Garage had already transported into the city.

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Chuck’s Garage is a business operating on a residential property that has been deeded as residential.  But the City Council chose to ignore this and pay the businesses for services because it was convenient for the Council.

A precedent has now been set where taking responsibility is avoided whenever it is difficult.  This habit will damage the city and lead it to dangerous areas.  The City Council cannot have situations “both ways.”

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