Tremblay Hears Automatic Weapons, Council Bans Shooting

On February 11, 2016 the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the shooting of firearms.

Alderman David Tremblay claimed he hears people shooting firearms often, saying

I sit outside my home on my porch and my back yard on the weekend and I hear people firing off automatic weapons…New Years was pretty crazy.  Fourth of July, people evidently think their gun is a firecracker or something.

Deb Spalding, a member of the audience, voiced concerns about using firearms for protection and for use against aggressive animals.  Tremblay spoke to the audience about the ordinance and read it aloud.  He then apologized for addressing the audience and not the City Council.

Alderman BJ Gillespie was concerned about minors who shoot BB guns.

The City Council passed an ordinance banning the discharge of firearms.  The ordinance has a fine, but the Council didn’t say what it was.

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