486 Ball Clement

Micki Ball: The Female Jim Clement

The City of Sandy Oaks has a new Mayor, but Micki Ball seems just like the previous Mayor Jim Clement.  The similarities between the two are striking. Both Clement and Ball Work In Secrecy Both of them kept the salary of Art Martinez de Vara, the City Attorney, private for half a year.  As a […]

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486 absurd ordinances

Absurd Ordinances

The Sandy Oaks City Council is now in its second year.  The idea of being a city and having a city government was that city government could offer more than what the county government was doing and could do a better job addressing basic governmental services like road repair, law enforcement, fire protection, and animal. […]

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486 horse killed

Horse Killed at Entrance to Waterwood

Early in the evening on February 16, 2016 a horse was killed at the intersection of Waterwood Pass Drive and Silver Chalice. The body of the horse was alongside the road, only a few yards from the stop sign of the northern corner of the intersection. When Sandy Oaks News arrived on the scene at […]

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486 fireworks 2

Tremblay Hears Automatic Weapons, Council Bans Shooting

On February 11, 2016 the Sandy Oaks City Council banned the shooting of firearms. Alderman David Tremblay claimed he hears people shooting firearms often, saying I sit outside my home on my porch and my back yard on the weekend and I hear people firing off automatic weapons…New Years was pretty crazy.  Fourth of July, […]

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