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Micki Ball 2014 Platform

The following  was submitted by Mrs. Micki Ball July 17th, 2014 Picture: Platform: I wish to be an advocate for the citizens ensuring that everyone is informed, no debt is incurred by the city, and additional taxes not be imposed initially, if ever. Without understanding the existing tax base and any potential revenue opportunities through […]

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Cathy 185

Cathleen Lamoureaux-Recio 2014 Platform

The following  was submitted by Mrs. Cathleen Lamoureaux-Recio July 16th, 2014 Picture: Platform: Platform: community initiative neighbor helping neighbor with a supportive city counsel and without causing further financial burden on the already economically stressed homeowner. What specifically would you like to accomplish in the first year? 2) I/we would like to try to clean […]

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City of Sandy Oaks Map

Here is a map of Sandy Oaks.  A larger version can be seen by clicking the link below. SandyOaks-2.4  Problems With the Sandy Oaks Map No Highway Art Martinez de Vara, mayor of Von Ormy and the consultant for the Sandy Oaks Political Action Committee (SOPAC) and the Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks (CISO) has […]

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Give Your Opinion

The goal of Sandy Oaks News is to be a source of information for the community.  But that doesn’t mean that only SON needs to give information. The Forum section of the website is open for people to post whatever they would like.  But if you are wanting to add a little more and would […]

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sandy oaks 2014

2014 Candidates

The names of those running for political office are below.  You can also click a name to read that person’s platform as well as answers to some questions posed by SandyOaksNews.com Running for the position of Mayor Jim Clement Running for the 5 Alderman positions Micki Ball Dale Burmaster Earnest Gay Cathleen Lamoureaux-Recio Pedro Orduno […]

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What Type of Government Will Sandy Oaks Be?

Sandy Oaks will be a Type A municipality with an aldermaic form of government. The city will start off with 1 mayor and 5 aldermen.  An alderman is the same as a city councilman and the word originates from the combination of “Elder-man.” Who Decides Things? The mayor decides what is on the agenda for […]

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quick facts

Quick Facts on the Incorporation of Sandy Oaks

Those residing in Waterwood are now part of the City of Sandy Oaks. This also includes some residents living on the roads of Priest, Mathis, and Star Oaks Dr. How Did This Happen? Members of the Waterwood POA formed a group called the “Committee to Incorporate Sandy Oaks” also known as CISO.  This was spearheaded […]

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Purpose of Sandy Oaks News

Hi and welcome to Sandy Oaks News.  This website and news outlet was created to be a source of information for the newly formed City of Sandy Oaks. Let’s Keep It Brief Sometimes news will be in-depth and sometimes it will be brief and give you the basics. Let’s face it, no one wearing a […]

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