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486 house fire

Marshal’s Wife Suggests Burning Down Houses

On October 8, 2015, the City Council discussed how to address properties within the city that have overgrown weeds, disabled vehicles, and “other unsightly or dangerous properties.”  Alderman Earnest Gay, who had placed the item on the meeting agenda, said I’m sure everybody out there has somebody that you, within a stone’s throw, that you, […]

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486 control puppet

Who Controls the City Marshal?

A dramatic episode has erupted on social media regarding an invitation to the Sandy Oaks City Marshal, Jesse Gutierrez.  The invitation was sent by Catherine Rendahl, who helped organize the Good Neighbors group, and invited Gutierrez to come speak to the group. The people upset about the invitation include Gutierrez’ wife Heather Leal, Alderman Micki […]

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486 pool

The Mess We’re In

The current state of the Waterwood community is worse than it was a little over a year ago when the area incorporated into a city. Before incorporation, Bexar County and Waterwood Development Company were taking care of the roads.  It’s true they weren’t doing the best job in the world, and that the roads often […]

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486 money trash

Ball Wants Property Tax to Cover Trash Collection

Alderman Micki Ball stated on July 9, 2015 that city wide trash collection should be paid for with property taxes. She said trash collection would be one of the “services provided through property tax.” The idea didn’t sit well with Aldermen and audience members alike.  One woman in the audience loudly responded “I don’t think […]

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486 paperwork

Paperwork Pride

The success of the City of Sandy Oaks is going to ride on the success of the city government.  That government will need to be diligent in many things to accomplish what it needs to and one of those is paper work. Sometimes there will be typos with a document that aren’t going to be […]

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